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Why make your days any harder than they need to be? When you are uncertain, pick up your Daily Thyroid Routine and you are on your way.

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Quickly reference the included 24 Hour Schedule to search for suggestions of fun activities for you and your family categorized by hour of the day.

Create delicious dishes packed full of fantastic superfoods using one of our many recipes. Each are targeted directly at the thyroid gland to promote hormone production and regularity.

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Book Featured by Many US Newspapers

Today I got the best feeling because my book was noticed by many US newspapers.


Even though the entire world is my target but I wanted to focus on USA as that is my universe due to business requirements. While book is written to help everyone, I focused my efforts talking about it within the US media.

Finally I got so much publicity that it is hard to share all of those places where newspapers and media channels featured the book.

Here are some of those places and you can learn about more of these places at the too:









Thanks everyone for supporting me on this journey as publishing a book is not an easy task and I could do it successfully due to help from all of you!

Daily Thyroid Routine Book Remains #1 in Healthy Living Category!

It is September 12th, 2015 today and it is third day of Amazon Kindle promotion of my book Daily Thyroid Routine.

Promotion started on Sept 10th and very quickly book got the number 1 ranking in Healthy Living Category on the same day and still is #1 after two days!


Download Stats for the Book

First day of promotion (Sept 10th) – Book downloaded 1,291 units

Second day of promotion (Sept 11th) – Book downloaded 525 units

If you have not downloaded your book yet, it’s time to do it now:


Promotion of My Book Started Today!

Hi friends,

I am looking forward for everyone to download the Kindle edition of my book ‘Daily Thyroid Routine – 24 Hours to Better Thyroid’ as it is on promotion on Amazon Kindle!

Check it out now by clicking below:

The book has numerous practical tips on how to deal with thyroid in a natural way through the right use of foods, exercises, supplements, attitude and many other natural techniques.

Based on your feedback, I even expanded the chapters and there are now 15 chapters:

Chapter 1 – Thyroid Fundamentals
Chapter 2 – Healthy Lifestyle Formula for Better Thyroid Health
Chapter 3 – Automate Your Lifestyle for Better Thyroid Health
Chapter 4 – Sleep
Chapter 5 – Pre-Breakfast
Chapter 6 – Breakfast
Chapter 7 – Mind Health
Chapter 8 – Productivity Time
Chapter 9 – Lunch Time
Chapter 10 – Productivity Continued
Chapter 11 – Exercise can be Fun
Chapter 12 – Time for Dinner
Chapter 13 – Family First
Chapter 14 – Danger Zone
Chapter 15 – Tomorrow is Another Big Day

I also noticed that there was press coverage on the book and those links are provided below if you want to read about those news:

Press Coverage

I also noticed that some book clubs have added the book to their collection.

Book Clubs

I will keep sharing the progress in the coming days!


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