Book Featured by Many US Newspapers

Today I got the best feeling because my book was noticed by many US newspapers. Even though the entire world is my target but I wanted to focus on USA as that is my universe due to business requirements. While book is written to help everyone, I focused my efforts talking about it within the…

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Daily Thyroid Routine Book Remains #1 in Healthy Living Category!

It is September 12th, 2015 today and it is third day of Amazon Kindle promotion of my book Daily Thyroid Routine. Promotion started on Sept 10th and very quickly book got the number 1 ranking in Healthy Living Category on the same day and still is #1 after two days! Download Stats for the Book…

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Promotion of My Book Started Today!

Hi friends, I am looking forward for everyone to download the Kindle edition of my book ‘Daily Thyroid Routine – 24 Hours to Better Thyroid’ as it is on promotion on Amazon Kindle! Check it out now by clicking below: The book has numerous practical tips on how to deal with thyroid in a natural…

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Daily Thyroid Routine Book Chapter Details

First of all I want to say a big ‘Thank You’ to all of those readers who bought the book and shared their insightful feedback on Amazon! If you have not bought the book yet, please check out the book on Amazon by clicking at the below book image: Background of the Daily Thyroid Routine…

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Daily Thyroid Routine Book is Now Available on Amazon!

It is an exciting day for me and for my team as I have published the book on Amazon Kindle! This thyroid book is your go-to resource to promote thyroid health and hypothyroidism weight loss! More details on the book chapters are as follow: Chapter 1 – Thyroid Fundamentals Chapter 2 – Healthy Lifestyle Formula…

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