Daily Thyroid Routine Book Chapter Details

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Background of the Daily Thyroid Routine Book!

During my professional life after doing chemical engineering and MBA and serving the corporate world for almost 24 years, I can proudly say that I have met numerous experts and specialists in various fields. During those interactions, I always realized that simple is better in life. The job of a great communicator is to simplify the difficult concepts and make it easy for everyone. I like this philosophy and I have taken a humble step of keeping everything very simple through this first book.

In the beginning you may find the ideas and tips very basic and fundamental. But keep in mind I tried to keep it simple and not present any complex ideas here.

When I was diagnosed with thyroid few years back, I felt concerned and worried. In fact for many years I never did anything other than taking my regular thyroid pill. My family doctor always reminded me that I should do more than that.

Finally I decided to take the action. As I educated myself first hand with various ideas through various books and talking to experts, I realized that anyone can manage thyroid if they follow few basic steps in life. That’s when I decided to develop my own 24 hour schedule which I shared with few close friends. They loved it and encouraged me to share it with the world.

Through this article, I want to thank all of my friends and loved ones for encouraging me to write the book and make a difference to this world!

Daily Thyroid Routine Book Chapters

There are a total of 15 chapters in the book:

Chapter 1 – Thyroid Fundamentals
Chapter 2 – Healthy Lifestyle Formula for Better Thyroid Health
Chapter 3 – Automate Your Lifestyle for Better Thyroid Health
Chapter 4 – Sleep
Chapter 5 – Pre-Breakfast
Chapter 6 – Breakfast
Chapter 7 – Mind Health
Chapter 8 – Productivity Time
Chapter 9 – Lunch Time
Chapter 10 – Productivity Continued
Chapter 11 – Exercise can be Fun
Chapter 12 – Time for Dinner
Chapter 13 – Family First
Chapter 14 – Danger Zone
Chapter 15 – Tomorrow is Another Big Day

Besides the above chapters, there is a introduction chapter explaining about the signs and symptoms of thyroid disorder and how this 24 hours schedule can be used to help manage your thyroid.

Chapter 1 to 3 are very critical as it takes care of thyroid fundamentals and how you can use our healthy lifestyle formula for the benefit of better lifestyle with thyroid and also how to make it easy through right habits.

In chapter 4, I have tried sharing simple yet important tips on how to ensure you sleep well every day with ideas on when you should wake up, how long you should sleep, how you can make a better sleep environment for yourself, and the right type of pillows for better sleep.

You will see pre breakfast ideas in chapter 5 where you can learn about the importance of taking water after getting up, quick morning stretches and how to check your thyroid gland.

Here are some exciting ideas for your breakfast in chapter 6:

  • Examples of Good Food vs. Bad Food from thyroid perspective
  • Why high-fiber diet?
  • Recipes for breakfast
  • Why you should plan your day?

In the next chapter number 7, you will learn about the importance of your own time to keep your mind healthy and fit by doing the right type of meditation.

In chapter 8, you will learn about the productivity tips. The main reason I call it productive time, because not everyone may be employed as some may be retired. So I have tried to keep it good for anyone who is looking for improving their productivity.

I think you got the idea. So rather than keep talking about the rest of the chapters, I suggest you to buy the book and let me know if you found some good ideas there which you can implement it to get immediate benefits.

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