Promotion of My Book Started Today!

Hi friends,

I am looking forward for everyone to download the Kindle edition of my book ‘Daily Thyroid Routine – 24 Hours to Better Thyroid’ as it is on promotion on Amazon Kindle!

Check it out now by clicking below:

The book has numerous practical tips on how to deal with thyroid in a natural way through the right use of foods, exercises, supplements, attitude and many other natural techniques.

Based on your feedback, I even expanded the chapters and there are now 15 chapters:

Chapter 1 – Thyroid Fundamentals
Chapter 2 – Healthy Lifestyle Formula for Better Thyroid Health
Chapter 3 – Automate Your Lifestyle for Better Thyroid Health
Chapter 4 – Sleep
Chapter 5 – Pre-Breakfast
Chapter 6 – Breakfast
Chapter 7 – Mind Health
Chapter 8 – Productivity Time
Chapter 9 – Lunch Time
Chapter 10 – Productivity Continued
Chapter 11 – Exercise can be Fun
Chapter 12 – Time for Dinner
Chapter 13 – Family First
Chapter 14 – Danger Zone
Chapter 15 – Tomorrow is Another Big Day

I also noticed that there was press coverage on the book and those links are provided below if you want to read about those news:

Press Coverage

I also noticed that some book clubs have added the book to their collection.

Book Clubs

I will keep sharing the progress in the coming days!